Our clients often come to us with the same questions, so we have listed a few that we feel our key to how Adepto can add value to your business:

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Q: We have been approached by someone who wants to buy our property, How should we respond?

A: Many of our clients have extensive property assets but may not themselves be in the real estate business, such as business owners who are owner occupiers of their premises, or families with historic property assets. Whilst unsolicited offers can seem attractive, there are many situations where even a small investment of time and money preparing a property for sale, can reap substantial rewards. Be it a planning study to identify alternative uses or redevelopment, a marketing strategy to gain the maximum exposure, or sometimes an off market negotiation with a special purchaser. Adepto can advise on all of these and many other scenarios.

Q: Can we increase the income or capital value of our existing assets?

A: Often our clients have held certain assets for a number of years. They may be well let and producing a steady income stream, but could they be working harder for you? We have successfully been carried out reviews of existing portfolios and found opportunities to add value through planning, refurbishment and redevelopment. We can carry out an informal review of your holdings and present our initial findings without obligation. Get in touch here: Contact Us

Q: We think our property has huge development potential but we are not in a position to fund all of the work, how can we maximise our return?

A: This is a situation we see time and again and it can be frustrating for property owners, whose sites have enormous potential. We can advise on how to maximise the site value with the minimum investment, through planning consultancy. Beyond planning, we can discuss a range of options for you to benefit from the added value of your site without further investment, with by way of identifying a joint venture partner and structuring a favourable development agrement or advising on a disposal with overage provisions.